Top quality parts
at good prices
Fast delivery
repair on site
Reliable and experienced
customer service

Quick replacement of parts with access to the customer

Do you need spare parts for machines available immediately? Please feel free to contact us. We provide professional service, a large selection of products and fast delivery. Call us or send an inquiry by e-mail, and we will help you complete the right parts at a good price.


We have been servicing construction machinery, selling spare parts and regenerating subassemblies for over 10 years. Hundreds of repaired machines, professional and reliable customer service as well as quick response and effective repair.

Mobile service

We perform repairs of machines with access to the customer (the whole Poland and nearby European countries). Our mobile service has all the necessary tools and specialized equipment. We will quickly repair the failure and restore the machine to work, without having to transport it.

Highest quality parts

We provide a quick repair time, because we have hundreds of various spare parts of the highest quality available immediately in our warehouse. We will deliver them to the construction site, thanks to which you will reduce the downtime of an inoperative machine to a minimum.

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